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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Awoozing Race Answers: Casablanca

1: Casablanca is the largest city and chief port of which African country? Answer: Morocco
2: Casablanca is home to the Orthlieb _____  ____.  The largest of its kind in the world, this _____ _____ is 480m (1,547ft) long! Answer: Swimming Pool
3: What does “Casablanca” mean in Spanish? Answer: White House
4:The area where Casablanca is currently located was originally settled by what North African ethnic group? Answer: Berbers
5: Who is the male lead actor of the 1942 movie titled “Casablanca”? Answer: Humphrey Bogart
6: Casablanca’s origins trace back to a medieval town. What was its name? Answer: Anfa
7: What mosque in Casablanca boasts the world’s tallest minaret (tower)? Answer: Hassan II
8: Casablanca has been conquered many times by different European countries. Name one: Answer: France