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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Fanlala Quiz answers

The Prize is a Katy Perry Shirt!
1: Soundcloud
2: Happy Mistakes
3: January 18th
4: Laura Marano
5: Jace Norman
6: Spare Parts

7: Yes

Charmazing Answers

As a prize,
You get a shirt with the bracelets and an achievement!
1: Yes
2: Tree of Life
3: 2
4: Apprentice
5: confidence
6: Karma
7: 2 bracelets and 3 charms
8:  14

10: Style Me Up!

Kidzworld Quiz answers

The Prize is the Kidzworld T-shirt.

1: 2001
3: Gary
4: Yes
6: True
7: Dish-It
8: Phone
9: Yes
10: True

Im back

I'm back! Sorry for the unspoken 2 year hiatus... lol

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Awoozing Race Answers: London and Week 3 Items

1: England
2: 3 (Three)
3: Big Ben
4: Westminster Abbey
5: Buckingham Palace
6: Wimbledon
7: Red
8: Heathrow

Week 3 items

Friday, July 27, 2012

Awoozing Race Answers: Rome

1: Rome is the capital city of what country? Answer: Italy
2:There is actually a country that is located in the heart of Rome; it’s the smallest in the world. What is the name of this country? Answer: Vatican
3: What is the name of the famous ampitheather (largest ever built by the Roman Empire) located in the heart of Rome? Answer: Colosseum
4: The largest interior of any Christian church in the world is named after which Saint? Answer: Peter
5: Who is the legendary founder of the city of Rome? Answer: Romulus
6: Who is the famous Roman general and statesman that greatly increased ancient Rome’s power? Answer: Julius Caesar
7: What is the name of the main river that passes through Rome? Answer: Tiber
8: What is Rome’s most famous fountain? Answer: Trevi

Awoozing Race Answers: Moscow

1: Moscow is the capital city of what country? Answer: Russia
2: What is the name for the residence of the Russian president and executives of government in Moscow? ANSWER:Kremlin
3: The city of Moscow is named because of the river that passes through it. What is the river’s name? Answer: Moskva
4: In what year did Moscow host the Summer Olympic Games? Answer: 1980
5: What is the name of the most famous Cathedral that sits in the geometric center of Moscow? Saint ________ Answer: Basil
6: What is the name of the most titled ice hockey team and in the world, based in Moscow? Answer: CSKA
7: Which Russian communist revolutionary transformed Russia into the U.S.S.R in 1922? Answer: Lenin
8: Moscow houses the 4th tallest free-standing land structure in the world. What’s its name? Answer: Ostankino Tower